This is a FM band stop filter.

The capacitors are variable 5-30pF. In the parallel tank it exist a 15pF in parallel with the variable. The series coils are 5,5 turns in 6 mm diameter with 1 mm wire without gap between turns. The parallel coil is 4,5 turns 6 mm diameter with 1 mm wire with 1 mm gap  between gaps. I tune the tanks in stations ideally at 92.3,  98  & 104.6 MHz for minimum reception at stations at these frequencies. If you do not have stations at these exact frequencies use nearby ones. I tune it with out a instrument but this is not an easy task. In a RTL SDR R820T receiver I see 20 dB improvement to signal noise when connected to a discone antenna. Please note that signal from the discone are 0dBm !!!

These plots is as I tune it without instrument.



 And now how it is tuned by SV8GXC with the VNA.

With this tuning I measure 35 dB drop in local broadcast stations using W1GHZ power meter using LT5534.

The proposal of SV8GXC is to make a 5 order filter adding one series and on parallel circuits.