This is an android application that reads the RSSI from a wireless card of a mikrotik router and speaks it out for one minute (it is a demo version) in order to center the antenna. It also displays the RSSI with big letters. You must enable SNMP on the mikrotik router. You provide to the software the ip address or the hostname and the SNMP community string. Then you press the refresh button and all the wireless active registrations displayed. When you select one registration the program says the RSSI and displays it with big letters. To stop press the stop option. In each registration next to the wireless card is the MAC address in order to distinguish multiple registrations the the same wlan interface.If the one minute demo period it is expired you can press again the desired registration. If you can not hear the sound select from Android settings the text to speech language you prefer.  It is written by Chris SV1EED and me.